It has been said that if there is a conflict between reason and feeling, we as humans, tend to choose feelings.
Most of our decisions are led by emotions. Did you know the most powerful link to the sub-conscious is through the sense of smell?
The feelings we experience and express from day to day most of the time are not usually the responses to current happenings.
In fact, they originate from the programming in our cellular memory imprinted from our past.
Some of them have been buried in the deep recesses of our mind because we were unable to understand, process and resolve at that time.
There are times these forgotten traumatic experiences can manifest in our body as illness & inflammation and other times limited negative thinking and destructive patterns. They affect every aspect of our lives and most importantly and particularly in the area of how we make decisions.
That’s why when we focus on healing our emotions we can fix most aspects of our lives: physical, mental and emotional.
Essential oils are powerful vehicles because the scent molecules pass directly to the emotional part of the brain and brings us into contact with the issues we have long forgotten and enables us to deal with them once and for all.
This side to aromatherapy is one that I find most powerful because when we are free from emotional baggage then we can manifest our highest God given potential.

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