Luxury Marble Grain Cube Diffuser & Essential Oil Blend


In addition to its clean & contemporary design this diffuser is one of the quietest ultrasonic diffusers in the market.

Portable, easy to use and clean.

Touch control

Safe waterless auto off.

Includes a seasonal diffuser blend: Spring Time : RENEW Blend – Uplifting & Fresh Scent

Petitgrain, Cedarwood, Mandarin & Lemongrass




This ultrasonic diffuser has a contemporary look and comes in black and white.

It is portable and light. Suitable in yoga & fitness centres, office, kitchen or bedroom.

It is a perfect gift option for family and friends who can benefit from using essential oils safely and for wellbeing.

The modern versatile design makes it  easy to use and clean. Simply add a few drops of  RENEW essential oil blend and enjoy the perfect aroma flow of nanoscale water drops to fill the air you breathe.

It instantly creates a relaxing atmosphere with its noiseless ultrasonic misting qualities



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