Scented Wax Tablets – Air Freshners & Ambient Scenting


Place these beautiful scented wax tablets in your room, drawers, shelves or wherever you wish to relax and unwind.  They make wonderful Christmas Tree ornaments as they create a festive atmosphere.

The wax tablets comes in sets of two.


These handcrafted wax tablets are available in various different scents and shapes :

  • Rose Hearts
  • Rectangle – Spiced Clementine,
  • Crosses – Tranquil Floral Scent
  • Christmas Tree  – Joyous, Uplifting Scent

They are all beautifully handcrafted and decorated with flowers, herbs, fruit and spices and scented with pure natural fragrance in 100% natural beeswax to delight the senses and shift the atmosphere.

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Additional information

Weight 100 kg


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