It is the first Christmas for Scent of Life at Toorak Village, so we are kickstarting the festivities with a fun day involving People & Perfume.
I will be helping you create your very own Solid Perfume for your personal use or as a Christmas gift for a loved one. they are plant aromatics in essential oils and it will be pure and personalised for you.
It will be a great way to connect with friends or make new fragrant connections, sniff and spritz at the scent bar while waiting for your perfume to solidify.
So take an olfactory journey with me and lets create a Christmas scent that you love.


Take An Olfactory Journey With Me

As a trainer, consultant and therapist, I conduct interactive group workshops, personal consultations and custom blending of oils along with application techniques to bring a more positive, nurtured and productive workplace or harmonious home.





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Mother’s Day Workshop

Breathe In The Essence Of Life – ” Create Balance & Harmony”

May is for Mother’s Day – I don’t think just the one day would be enough to honour and celebrate the special woman who brought us into the world. However, I think it is also a perfect time to remember and celebrate all those women who have been instrumental in nurturing us, who held our hands and empowered us, those friends who loved “mothering” us and those who have shown us unconditional love and support in times of need.

That’s why I have chosen to run a very special workshop:  Breathe In The Essence Of Life – Create Balance & Harmony. I am sure all Mothers would love to have more of this. It is also a perfect opportunity to celebrate the heroines in our life by simply spending time with them and use SCENT as a  wonderful way to help remember and cherish them.

During this workshop, you will discover how you can breathe in the essence of life everyday to have more energy, fight fatigue, have clarity and focus, more ease … more BALANCE & HARMONY.

There will be an opportunity for the MOTHER in you to make a connection with a blend or scent that your nose seem to lead you – this is the SCENT that you need for this particular season that will bring more balance into your life, where you can invite more harmony into your day to day living.

I will give you a brief introduction to essential oils, about frequency medicine  – THE FRAGRANCE OF SOUND how sound and scent can be a powerful tool and easily incorporated for supporting your wellbeing .

You will discover how you can introduce them into your daily life and there will be opportunities for you to create blends at the Scent Bar.

There is also organic wine and food to enjoy throughout the session.

So come and join us this at this workshop on the 18th of May to not only learn but sniff and play and enjoy some aromatic treats.

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Mother’s Day Workshop



I am deeply interested in oils from antiquity and spend a lot of time researching and teaching on ancient Biblical Healing Oils and how they solve modern health issues. If you like to find out the secret behind  Frankincense, Myrrh, Spikenard and other plant aromatics mentioned in the bible  then join me in my special Christmas Wellness Workshop:

Saturday, 8th December 2018 @ 3pm, Location Holistic Business Hub, 455 South    Road, Bentleigh 3204, Parking at the back  enter via Station St

You not only get to learn and connect with this ancient oils but receive my very special edition “ Gifts Of The Wise Men” Gift Set made of a luxurious collection of handcrafted organic soap, a healing balm & a wellness roll -on blend made with pure, natural high grade healing oils.