Angela Vrettas

Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Ayurveda Herbalist and Natural Perfumer.

As a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist and Ayurveda Herbalist I take a holistic approach towards an individual’s wellbeing – that is treating the “Whole Person” and not the disease or being symptom focussed.  This involves inner work, taking into consideration the imbalances that are causing the disease first by looking at all aspects of an individual’s lifestyle; how the symptoms relate to their overall lifestyle e.g., mindset, spirituality, food choices and eating habits, exercise, leisure activities and relationship issues. How the symptoms and disease affect the psyche is very important in treating the whole person.

What you will get from me is as an Ayurvedic Aromatherapist, is guidance and direction from a professionally trained Aromatherapist and Herbalist. I have been on this wellness journey for more than 15 years and I can guide you on how you can combine both aromatic treatments along with herbal preparation that work with your current medication.

Aromatherapy and Herbalism from an Ayurvedic perspective is a perfect marriage, a wholistic package which uses ancient wisdom to solve modern health issues. I have hands on knowledge in herbal preparations, formulating synergistic custom blends and treatment application to help you attain and maintain a balanced and healthy mind and body. Wellness is both preventative as well as curative and I will help bring about the best version of you so you could live a fulfilled and balanced life.

The benefits are less stress and anxiety, chronic stress is the number one precursor to many of the health problems we face today, being able to get good quality sleep at night and waking up refreshed, not walking and moving with pain, eating and enjoying food with family and loved ones and overall cultivating peace and harmony in your community and environment.

At Scent of Life, I am passionate about teaching and sharing my knowledge and experience in how to use essential oils and herbs the right way to support your wellbeing and healing.

During my workshops, classes and consultations, I bring my knowledge and expertise in the power of plant medicine and guided healing to cultivate self-nurturing practices that will create joy, energy & abundance.

As a lover of Scent, you will also find me making and bottling exquisite perfumes, candles and space scenting products which are limited(very) edition and available in store or through an individual commissioning me to develop Signature scents for their personal use, business or product line.

I work with only pure and natural plant aromatics, herbs and essential oils, sustainably sourced and ethically cultivated.  I am not affiliated to any MLM brand or company and abide by the practitioner ethics and code of conduct in advocating safety first as well as in providing unbiased and balanced advice in the use of essential oils.

I am certified by the International Perfume Foundation as a natural perfumer and strictly follow their standards in formulating perfumes with natural ingredients as well as preserving and protecting the natural heritage of perfumery and in respecting the environment.

I invite you take a fragrant journey with me towards your health & happiness.

If you are interested in bespoke essential oil blends, herbal preparation or a custom perfume creation or a signature blend for your business or event  fill in the contact form below.

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