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Holistic Aromatherapy For Seniors & Caregivers

Aromatherapy is the use of pure, medicinal grade essential oils to positively impact the whole person. It is an ancient healing modality which has been around for more than 4000 years, but today it is gaining support and relevance as the fastest growing healing discipline.   

It is the quickest therapy to relieve stress, shift negative emotional states and support holistic wellbeing – a powerful treatment therapy to provide comfort and wellbeing.

Of all the 5 senses, the sense of smell is directly linked to the limbic region of the brain, also known as the primitive brain. The limbic region’s main function includes controlling emotions, instinctive behaviour and responses, motivational drives, learning and memory.

Making Scents for Senior Care:

The key to the success of a treatment plan for seniors and caregivers is through a bespoke formulation approach.

Aromatherapy is an immensely customizable and comparatively affordable wellness solution which can be used in a variety of space; aged care setting, home visits or at home care.

Some of the many benefits of aromatherapy for seniors and for caregivers are:

    • Comfort & rest
    • Promotes a sense of wellbeing
    • Helps reduce inflammation
    • Improves sleep quality
    • Manage stress, anxiety & trauma
    • Ease symptoms of depression
    • Help improve appetite
    • Improve mood and behaviour

Raphael d’Angelo, MD, a holistic physician and researcher who specializes in microbiology and parasitology says of Clinical Aromatherapy,

“Although the sense of smell tends to diminish as we age, aromatic plant essential oils can still have profound effects. For example, a particular aroma may bring back to mind memories of events and feelings locked away for many decades. The limbic effects of essential oils can be readily used to defuse anxiety, increase appetite, aid in sleep, and provide a tranquil calmness for seniors as they face the uncertainties of aging.”

The physical and emotional toll of caregiving comes with its own price. Aromatherapy for Caregivers is a double edged sword, not only does it aid in helping to ease the daily stressors and workload associated with caring, but in significantly supporting personal wellbeing as a self-care tool such as building a strong immune system to improving focus, energy and motivation.

Work With Me

Working with an Aromatherapist is just like working with other health care providers – success is the result of having a clear understanding of issues and the ability to listen and offer practical treatment solutions that work.

The point of difference when working with me is you experience tangible results that make a positive and lasting impact.  Aromatherapy Oils bring peace, calm, energy, focus and strength – dare I say, instantaneously.

One of the ways I measure the effect of a therapy is through nonverbal and verbal signs of improvement in stress, tension and anxiety at the end of a therapy session.

Some suggestions on how I can incorporate Aromatherapy as a holistic solution for you or your loved ones:

    • Aromatherapy Healing Touch – energy based therapy with essential oils.
    • A bespoke diffuser blend to be dispersed in the air –inhalation is the safest delivery method
    • A vapour delivery method via a patch that can be applied on skin, clothes or even hospital gowns which delivers a customised blend allowing the patient to breathe in the aroma without skin irritation and presenting very low level risk to most people
    • Customised linen sprays, room sprays, lotions and roll on blends

As an experienced, independent Clinical Aromatherapist, within my field of study, all my blends are bespoke in every sense of the word.  You will not find the exact formula for any of my products replicated anywhere else.

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    Aromatherapy as a complementary therapy administered by a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist can be a powerful, safe and effective solution however, it does not replace any medical treatment and essential oils should never be taken orally unless prescribed by a qualified practitioner.