A Bespoke Wedding Scent For The Bride.

Bridal Perfume

Having your very own custom perfume for your wedding day is a wonderful idea because a new fragrance, creates new memories.

In this session I will help you capture the power of scent, memory and experience and create the most beautiful day for you to remember with your very own bespoke perfume formulation.

What you will get is a special scent which will make you happy not only on your special day but a memory that will accompany you for years to come; just one whiff of this unique scent will transport you back to the beauty and remember of your Wedding day.

Bridal Signature Scent – $325

This consultation takes about 1.5hours and includes a 12 ml bottle of perfume.  Your formula will be kept on file for future orders.

Bridal Essence Clinical Aromatherapy Consultation

Essential Oils can help a bride look and feel her utmost best on her wedding day and have the most wonderful time of her life with beautiful memories.

The holistic effect of essential oils is a powerful self-care tool to set her on her journey of becoming a Bride.  Its therapeutic properties will help her feel calm, rested, joyful and exude beauty and harmony.

A Clinical Aromatherapy Consultation for Brides-to-be will empower her to use EOs safely with a professional consultation either through a phone call, 1:1 or via skype with application advice.

This includes a customised oil blend, which is the brides very own special essence to support and accompany her on her wedding day.

Option to use this scent in a preferred lotion, cream, spritz or salt soaks available.

Other Wedding Scent Service

At Scent of Life we specialise in custom services as everyone is different.

Unique Bridesmaid gifts, Mother of the Bride or Groom gift and Scented Wedding Favours.

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