Holistic Aromatherapy Consultation $150 – In person or online over skype

This consultation session is specially crafted for the woman who needs a little “me time” because she has been caring for everyone around her and realises she cannot pour from an empty cup anymore.

Following a Holistic Aromatherapy assessment, you will get to experience the application of your bespoke blend created for you to promote deep relaxation with mood enhancing essential oils which will be carefully chosen based on what you need.

You will feel instantaneous transformation in your energy, feel restored and joyous. At the end of the session you will leave with a profound sense of wellbeing and feel connected to yourself like never before.

Natural Perfume Consultation $249.00 In Person Or  Online Consultation Over Skype


This is where I distil your essence and energy and create a perfume based on your personality & preference. It is a beautiful olfactory experience of discovering and creating a personal scent that you can use as your very own one-of-a-kind perfume.

It also makes a perfect gift for a special person in your life or to commemorate a milestone.

The formulations are unique to you using pure, 100% natural plant aromatics in a roll-on blend or perfumer’s alcohol base.  There are no synthetic chemicals or fixatives as used in commercial oils and perfumes. You can apply them as often as you like with no side effects

This service can be face to face, skype or online

For online Custom Perfume Clients:

You will be sent a questionnaire when you book this session.  Upon receiving your answers, I will than know more about you and your scent preference and your desires for this perfume blend.

I will create 3 custom samples in pure oil.  Your preferred sample blend will then be shipped to you either in oil base  (10ml ) or Eau De Parfum (10ml)

Gift certificates are available.

Fill out a the form to have the questionnaire sent to you if you wish to have an online consultation for either the Perfume Consultation or Holistic Aromatherapy Consultation