Aroma Essence -Bespoke Blends


If you love essential oils or curious about them but don’t know where to start or perhaps you have questions on how to safely use an oil or a blend to address a specific area of concern then I have this special express  service  for you.

An Aroma Essence consultation will empower you to use EOs safely with a quick professional consultation either through a phone call, 1:1 or via skype.


Some Of The Therapeutic Blend Suggestion Available After An Aroma Essence Consultation:

1.Anxiety Free – to soothe and calm nerves

2.Sleep – for those who need quality sleep

3.Focus – stimulating blend for mental alertnes

4.Calm – a gentle blend for relaxation

5.Awaken – energising and upllifting

6.Pain Free – a propriety blend with analgesic essential oils

7. Tummy – to support rest and digestion

8. Amber Forest – nurture your soul, a warming blend

9. Frequent Flyer – for travel fatigue and disruptions in circadian rhythms




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