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Fragrant Sound is a combination of both Scent & Sound healing frequencies and is a powerful immersive experience which connects body, mind and spirit in healing, restoration and renewal.
This has been the fruit of over two years of collaborative work between me and my dear friend Tammy Sorenson of Sound Expression who is a Sound & healing therapist based in North Carolina, USA who utilizes a unique VoiceBio system which works in revealing and aiding in balancing the body’s emotional, mental and physical frequencies.

Link to Sound Expression below;

Sound & Healing Therapy VoiceBio Session


Fragrant Sound is a vibratory healing therapy that uses the frequencies of the oil blend matched to the sound to help induce states of deep relaxation where healing can occur, its soothing and deeply relaxing as it helps facilitate shifts in the brainwave, discharge negative thought patterns that show up as physical, emotional and mental pain.
We are essentially composed of vibrational frequencies; molecularly, cellularly, glandularly. The daily stressors in life which include environment and life experiences can negatively impact us by causing us to be out of balance.
Fragrant Sound is a non-invasive, gentle yet powerful healing technique that can help you experience deep levels of stress release and emotional freedom.









This precious oil and sound track is formulated based on one of the most aromatic stories of all the perfume and incense accounts in the scriptures.
It is about Mary, the sister of Lazarus and Martha. At Bethany, she did something that was extraordinarily radical for a woman to do – it was extravagant & prophetic: an act of pure worship when she broke the costly alabaster jar of Spikenard/Nard and anointed her beloved Messiah.
What Is This Blend For:
Transformation and change, dying to the old, obedience in the face of great opposition, being able to overcome legalistic mindset, breaking old cycles, negative patterns, women leadership, and faith to enter the new – new beginnings. A very, soothing & relaxing blend – promotes deep slumber.
A propriety blend of: Lavender 3 different varieties, Spikenard, Melissa, Cedarwood, Patchouli, German Chamomile, Vanilla, Bergamot, Mandarin, Onycha






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