Holistic Aromatherapy Consultation


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When you step into Scent Of Life, you will be surrounded by a world of fragrant frequencies that not only delight your senses but soothe your soul and revive your spirit.

A perfect antidote if you are feeling stressed, anxious and experiencing overwhelm and burnout.  If you crave for more vitality and zest or perhaps need clarity and focus in this season or situation you are in, then this is the perfect consultation for you.

Following a Holistic Aromatherapy assessment, you will get to experience the application of your bespoke blend created for you to promote deep relaxation with mood enhancing essential oils which will be carefully chosen based on what you need.

You will feel instantaneous transformation in your energy, feel restored and joyous. At the end of the session you will leave with a profound sense of wellbeing and feel connected to yourself like never before.



Holistic Aromatherapy Consultation provides you with an exquisite customised scent blend, uniquely formulated and hand blended to address your specific area of need.
If you are someone, looking for 100% natural plant aromatics as a wellness solution to help you experience life more joyously and more abundantly then you will love this treatment.
An Aromatherapy Consultation at its core practice stems from a deep desire to create aromatic connections with jthe healing power of plants in order to facilitate and empower wellbeing in daily self care rituals.
How It Works:
A Professional Assessment of your current state of health and wellbeing, lifestyle, diet, emotional wellbeing before we work on customising a blend to address an area of concern.
Its a gentle, non threatening, non invasive process and I leave it up to each individual to share as much or as little as they would like if there is an emotional area being addressed or awakened.
Once a blend is formulated, I will advise you on how you could incorporate that healing scent in your daily routine to facilitate your wellbeing.
Examples Of What You Can Expect After A Session:
• Customised signature scent for daily self-care, work space or home
• Aromatic roll-on blend for anxiety, stress, fatigue, overwhelm, insomnia, clarity and focus
• Essential oil blends for PMS, hormone balance and peri-menopause
• Essential or blend for pain management, inflammation and headache
There are a variety of methods of application  and treatment plan suggestion of your personal synergistic blend :  body oils, aromatic bath salts, massage blends, inhalations, aromatherapy misters, lotions and creams.



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